YouTube Cuts Ties With Disgraced Vlogger Logan Paul!


Logan Paul has been dropped by YouTube after he posted a controversial video of a suspected suicide victim!

The 22-year-old vlogger faced a severe backlash from the public for posting the video which showed the victim’s body hanging from a tree.


The video was shot in Aokigahara Forest in Japan.

Logan’s channel will be removed from Google Preferred and he has been cut from the YouTube original comedy series ‘Foursome’.

The cut off from the video site came after it was criticized for not taking any action and responding after a long time of 11 days to Logan’s insensitive video.

The forest where the video was shot, has a reputation for being the ‘suicide forest’.

In the video, Paul and his friends are seen laughing, and sharing close up shots of the victim.

Paul had apologized to his 15 million users after posting the video.

He was the fourth highest paid You-Tube star last year with around $12.5 million in earnings!


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