Whatsapp Group Chats Can Be Infiltrated By Attackers!


A few German researchers have found out a flaw in the popular messaging app Whatsapp which could enable attackers to gain access to otherwise private group chats.

The defect in the app allows anyone who controls the servers of the platform, to add new people to private group chats.


This would not require the approval of the administrator of the group chat.

So any hacker who is able to break into the servers for Whatsapp, can easily take advantage of the bug and penetrate into private group chats easily!

The researchers claim to have reported the company about the alleged flaw and they responded saying that it had been taken care of.

The company claimed that no hidden user can access chats from a group chat and that it is end-to-end encrypted.

The researchers also found other similar bugs in Threema and Signal apps.


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