Wendy Williams Feels That Kylie and Travis Definitely Broke Up!


Wendy Williams kicked off her show after a 3-week break and chose to speak about all news that the Kardashians are making!

She spoke about Khloe’s pregnancy revelation but was surprised at why Kylie has kept mum so long.


Williams feels that the reason Kylie Jenner is not talking about her rumored pregnancy is because she is not with Travis Scott anymore.

“Please that was a split and run, in my mind”

Williams claims that the pregnancy might have been accidental and upon finding out the same, Travis might have washed his hands off from the situation.

She also feels that Travis might keep his distance from Kylie and pay off child support from a distance instead of taking up the responsibility.

She also feels that Kylie is just a 20-year-old girl and girls that young do not want to do anything with having a baby!

“Is she pregnant or are we being bamboozled?”


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