The Weeknd Cuts Ties With H&M Over Racially Insensitive Clothes!


A multinational company like H&M must be well aware of things that are and aren’t okay to be done.

However, sometimes it takes a star like The Weeknd to underline it for them.


H&M recently had an ad running for a rather racially insensitive hoodie, with a black child sporting the words “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”!

The Weeknd was shocked after seeing the ad and had to stand up to it by ending his arrangement with the brand.

In the past, there have been such similarly racially insensitive ads which have faced severe backlash and criticism from the public, but that doesn’t seem like enough repercussion!

Lessons have to be learned about the extents one can go to ‘advertise’ their products.

Its time now that celebrities make sure not to be a part of such publicity stunts and instead shut them down categorically!

Kudos to The Weeknd for taking a stand and we expect the models in such ads to deny promoting such ideas too.


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