Twitter Wont Block Donald Trump Even After Nuclear War Threats!


Social media website Twitter won’t block Donald Trump or any other political leader from using the platform to express their views!

Trump had recently tweeted a controversial statement on the site which a number of users had reported.


In response to Kim Jong Un saying that he had a nuclear button on his desk, Trump said that he had a bigger and more powerful nuclear button and that his button worked!

People expressed concerns that Trump was openly threatening a nuclear war, which is why he should be banned from using the site.

Twitter cleared the air by saying that they couldn’t block political figures and world leaders from their platform, given their outsized impact on the society.

The company said that it would mean hiding important information from the world.

Twitter has the policy to forbid tweets that glorify or threaten violence.

However, acts of war, military attacks etc are not covered under its violence glorifying parameters!


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