Trouble Sleeping? Check Out These Sleep Gadgets


As high as 45% of Americans suffer from sleep problems and smart sleep technology market is seeing a surge in its demand with a spending of more than 43 Billion Dollars in 2016.

These products provide the user with a feedback on their sleep quality/duration and points out how much nap-time needs to be made up.


Smart Mattress
Mattresses that track heart rate variability as an indicator of overall health and heart beat inconsistency, or those which adjust the firmness as required to achieve a depp sleep.

Smart Pillow
No more flipping of the pillow to get to the cooler side. With smart pillows, one can expect the pillow to adjust to the body temperature that cools and warms the pillow as required in sleep.

Sleep Tracker
Data analysis of your sleep with the help of logs which summarises the tiniest details of your sleep pattern can prove to be really helpful. What follows next is tips and tricks to improve the same.

Snore Alert
Smart snoring solutions promise to slightly move your head when its sensors catch you snoring. The movement opens the airway by stimulating throat and neck muscles and helps you breathe better.


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