Trending Halloween Costumes As Per Google


You can take a look at Google’s real-time updated search list and make an informed decision after all Halloween is just once-a-year affair!

Let’s find out which costumes are getting the most searched nationally:
1. Wonder Woman
2. Harley Quinn
3. Clown
4. Unicorn
5. Rabbit
6. Witch
7. Mouse
8. Pirate
9. Zombie
10. Dinosaur


And what more, you can use the Frightgeist Tool to discover the top trending costumes in your local area too!

Adding to the bonus, you can scroll through the Costume Map to catch a glimpse at the trendiest outfits in areas other than yours!

Also, you can go ahead and take a little wardrobe assistance from Google’s Costume Wizard which sorts the various outfits in order of uniqueness, spookiness, etc


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