Supportive Dad Lionel Approves Scott Disick For Sofia Richie


Lionel Richie was very apprehensive of her daughter Sofia Richie, 19 dating the 34 year old Lothario Scott Disick.

Apparently Lionel was ‘scared to death’ when he found out about the couple.


However, lately Sofia’s father has become more of a supportive figure and changed his feelings about the relationship.

So what made the 68 year old soul star Lionel so supportive all of a sudden?

Apparently, Scott’s recent change in behavior and lifestyle prompted daddy Lionel to change his tunes.

Scott seems to have ‘ditched his party lifestyle’ according to Lionel.

Both Scott and Sofia have been hanging out together travelling the world from Mexico to Italy and are spotted more in restaurants rather clubs.

Scott has also been telling his friends that Sofia has been ‘good for him’ and since summer he has chosen to hang out more with her over his party pals.

There’s a lot of growing up and maturity in their relationship it seems now, and that maybe the reason for Lionel granting approval.


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