Selena Gomez’s Mom Does Not Approve Of Justin Bieber!


It has been widely known that Selena Gomez’s family is not a big fan of Justin Bieber!

Recently in an interview, Selena’s mom Mandy Teefey confirmed that she is not happy about her daughter’s rekindled romance with Bieber.


However, just like all moms, she wants her daughter to live her life anyway in which she wants, as long as she is happy, health y and safe.

“Selena is an adult and she can make her own choices”

Bieber was not invited to Selena’s family Thanksgiving dinner and it clearly was due to the trust issues her family has with the singer.

Bieber and Gomez reunited in October 2017 after their split in 2014.

Teefey also cleared the air about her distressed relationship with Selena.

She claims that even though every mother and daughter have disagreements, she does not like how it has been portrayed in the media.


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