Rapper Nelly Handcuffed and Arrested For Rape Charges?


Photographs of a handcuffed Nelly had been doing the rounds on social media!

But why was he arrested?


43-year-old Nelly was arrested back in October after a nightclub hostess accused him of raping her during an afterparty.

22-year-old Monique Greene was working at the nightclub where Nelly had performed the previous night.

She was invited to his bus parked at a local Walmart.

However, she had dropped the case at that time and decided not to press criminal charges against him.

Now, Greene has filed a lawsuit against the rapper for defamation and sexual assault.

Nelly maintains his story that they had consensual sex.

However, Greene claims that Nelly not only raped her, he also offered to pay her $2,500 for saying in the bus until the next destination.

When she refused, somebody pushed her off the bus and threw $100 at her!

The rapper’s girlfriend Shantel Jackson doesn’t seem bothered by infidelity and is, in fact, standing in his support.


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