How Prince George and Princess Charlotte Broke Royal Traditions!


Prince George and Princess Charlotte are the new and modern royals!

The Royal children of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have changed the royal conventions many times!


Strict No Photos Policy!

On the first day of kindergarten, both the children had their photo released through Kensington Palace, taken by mom Kate Middleton. Even though numerous reporters lined up to grab a shot!

Change in Order of Heir to Throne

Princess Charlotte became the fourth in line to the throne after an outdated rule was amended in 2013. A boy would now not be heir over a girl if she is elder.

Away From London

Instead of choosing Kensington Palace, their parents chose Norfolk for a normal upbringing of their kids.

Royal Tantrums

Previously unseen, Princess Charlotte was seen throwing around tantrums when returning from their Germany family tour.

Low Key Outfits

Prince George met Obama in a bathrobe! Never had Royals dressed less than in well-tailored suits. A total breach of protocol, Obama later joked!


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