New Year Beauty Resolutions For A Flawless Hollywood Like Skin!


Transform your beauty regime into the likes of Hollywood celebs with New Year beauty resolutions this year!

Cleansing, toning and moisturizing twice a day at morning and night.
Stay away from parabens, go organic!
Just like Kylie Jenner, add a sunscreen to your cosmetics bag.
Wipe your grim and bacteria covered phone once a day! It touches your face!
Put your money into good makeup brushes.
Give your hair some time off from heating, coloring and chemical treatments!
Discard makeup items that have long expired.
Remove makeup before dozing off! Don’t block your pores.
Exfoliate more often to get rid of the dead skin layer.
Eat health y, drink water! Ditch alcohol and smoking!
Starting the year with even a handful of the above resolutions is going to go a long way into making you feel beautiful inside out!


So are you taking the beauty resolution oath?


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