Meghan Markle’s Father Is Delighted About Her Engagement!


Meghan Markle’s father finally broke his long silence on his daughter’s engagement to Prince Harry.

Thomas Markle, spoke out to the public for the first time ever after the couple announced their engagement.


The father of the bride feels that it is a very good match and that he is delighted to know about the engagement.

He also cleared the air about any family rifts among them.

The 73-year-old man also expressed his desire to attend his daughter’s wedding in person.

He feels that Prince Harry is a gentleman and he approves the match.

Meghan has in the past revealed that she is not on the best terms with her father and was not that close to him while growing up.

Later prince Harry was also called out for his controversial comments that “The Royals are the family she never had”.

Meghan’s estranged sister and brother had commented publically that they were always there for her as a family growing up, but it was she who always kept busy.


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