Marvel Comic Book Icon Stan Lee Accused Of Sexual Misconduct!


Stan Lee is now facing accusations of sexual misconduct from the nurses that cared for him!

95-year-old Lee allegedly harassed all of the nurses that were sent to his home to care for him on a 24-hour basis.


These accusations came to light after the owner of a nursing company revealed them.

Lee reportedly forced them to perform oral sex and even groped them for his pleasure.

Many of the nurses confronted him with these accusations before finally ending terms with him.

However, Lee’s attorney denied the claims and called them false accusations.

He pointed out that it is just a way for the nursing company to make some money since they had not filed any police report or lawsuit.

Lee is a well known comic book writer, with names like Spider-Man, Iron Man, Hulk and X Men to his name.

Currently, another company is serving Lee for his nursing requirements and has reported no problems yet.


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