Man With A Hollow Skull – Energy Drink Causes Brain Hemorrhage?


A chilling claim by a lady on Facebook is causing a major stir online about the health effects of energy drink s. The woman, Brianna, asserted that her husband Austin is struggling for his life subsequent to going for emergency surgery while she was about to give birth to their child.

The man had to be raced to the hospital as a result of a brain hemorrhage. Specialists revealed to Brianna that his spouse’s energy drink habit was the reason behind the emergency operation. In the meantime, she had to go through the delivery of their child without having her husband close by.


It is not immediately evident what component of the drink prompted the hemorrhage in the patient. The high caffeine content is probably going to have contributed, given its relationship with hemorrhagic strokes. However, if events did happen along these lines, they would be extremely rare, as per scientific literature.


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