Liam Neeson Feels That There Is A Sudden Witch Hunt In Hollywood


Liam Neeson feels that with the growing number of sexual accusations revealed each passing day, the #MeToo movement has turned into a witch hunt!

The Oscar-winning actor himself has faced no allegations of any inappropriate behavior whatsoever.


However, he feels that famous people are being suddenly targeted and fired from work for touching a girl’s knee or something.

He also stated that whatever Dustin Hoffman was accused of doing, like touching a girl’s chest, was all ‘childhood stuff’!

He also claims that Garrison Keillor, who is being tried by everyone for putting his hand on the bare back of a woman, did it only after he was listening to a sad story from her.

He ended saying that it is health y that the movement is happening and that he supports it, but still termed it as a witch hunt!

Neeson is the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, and claim to be aware of the grave situation of sexual abuse that girls across the world have to go through.


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