Are Kylie Jenner’s $360 Makeup Brushes Overpriced?


Internet will not discriminate, it will come for everyone, and it does not matter even if you’re Kylie Jenner!

Kylie Jenner has been launching a lot of products in her makeup line from lipsticks to concealers to eyeshadows.


However, internet lost its cool when she launched her infamous 16 pieces set of makeup brushes.

These brushes are said to have been included with real hair instead of synthetic ones and hence have been priced or should we say overpriced at $360!

Famous critics and makeup artists slammed her over it.

“for $360 those brushes better do my makeup for me and face tune my photos after too”

said James Charles.

Jeffree Star was stated saying

“I definitely think you’re paying for an over-hyped celebrity name”

Kylie responded to the criticism by pointing out the quality of her brushes and how she always fought to have the lowest price tag on her products.

Would you shell out $360 for real-hair makeup brushes?


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