Kim Kardashian Anxious About Body Image Post Mexico Bikini Shots


Kim Kardashian is reportedly facing overpowering body images issues and is claiming to have developed a “body dysmorphia”. These insecurities started after a set of bikini pictures of her on vacation in Mexico in April appeared in the media.

Khloe Kardashian added “I just feel bad that Kim is now so insecure.”


“She literally has the body of a Barbie doll. I get like that, too, and I feel fatter so I feel bad, but I don’t think anyone should live life like that,” she added.

With passing days, Kim’s anxieties grew deeper as articles encompassing the Mexico bikini shots kept on circulating.

“When will they stop with this story?” said Kim. “You definitely get a thick skin once you have been through it a lot, but pictures just keep coming up every day and they just won’t let it go. I know I can handle anything and everything, and if I can’t handle it … who can?”

Kim conceded that the media scrutiny was compelling her to stay home more.


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