Kendall Jenner Gets Called Out For Attending 2018 Golden Globes!


Kendall Jenner attended the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards and social media lost all calm over it!

People started questioning her appearance at the prestigious awards and wondered why she was mingling with ‘talented’ elite from Hollywood.


The 22-year-old model was mocked at on Twitter as users felt she lacks talent in comparison to the other attendees of the function.

People even started saying pointing out that even though she is not an actress, producer, director nor an activist, why was she even present there.

Many people referenced to her controversial Pepsi commercial too.

Some people even remarked at her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles’ absence from the award show despite getting nominated and Kendall’s presence despite having nothing to do with it!

Kendall also stole the limelight for other reasons.

She had noticeably fuller lips and was compared to her sister Kylie who is known for her plumping pout.


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