Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Obsessed With Meditation!


Many celebrities swear by the benefits of meditation and can vouch for them literally!

Meditation is free, does not cost a dime and lets you relax!


More and more people are taking up some or other form of meditation nowadays.


Oprah has been practicing daily meditation for 10 years! She believes in Transcendental Meditation and practices it twice a day.

Kristen Bell

Kristen claims that meditation makes her feel more relaxed than a full night’s sleep ! She finds it calming to sit and repeat her mantra over and over again.

David Lynch

He says that true happiness is within us and not outside. He spreads this happiness by teaching people to meditate!

Katy Perry

She unplugs and rejuvenates herself before concerts and sessions of songwriting by indulging in Transcendental Meditation.

Jennifer Lopez

Lopez follows 20 minutes of meditation every night and morning to cut off all the stress from her hectic life!


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