Are Those ‘ Health Foods ’ Actually Healthy?


Everyone nowadays is opting for a healthy diet. But little do most of us know is that not all information out there is quite true and there might be some common mistakes all of us make in perceiving a food to be healthy!

Breakfast Cereals are loaded with preservatives and sugar, actually negating the benefits of its vitamins and minerals content.


Muffins loaded with flax, nuts, and fruits might sound health y, but there’s a chance that these nutritionally beneficial ingredients are bound together with flour, oil, and sugar, making it equivalent to a cake without frosting!

The quintessential health food granola bars can contain as many calories as candy bars especially the commercially packed chocolate chips kind.

Coffee might contain huge doses of anti-oxidants, however, when mixed with cream, flavored syrup, and sugar, it is more fat and calories than a dessert!

Beware of these health fads and trends, and don’t follow anything and everything without deeply analyzing its contents.


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