Health Claims now a Part of Food Labels?


The Food and Drug Administration, for the very first time, gave recognition to a qualified health claim on food labels in order avoid a food allergy.

Health claims are explanations that can be utilized on a food label, which links a food or ingredient to a particular medical condition; for instance “oatmeal can help decrease cholesterol levels.”


To incorporate a health claim on their food packaging, a company would be required to appeal to the FDA with scientific data in support of the health claim. The FDA shall have the power to accept or reject the petition. The use of health claims is permitted only if it is endorsed by the FDA.

Of the eight foods acknowledged, peanuts are the major food allergen as identified by the FDA. The major allergens which are frequently identified in the ingredients list are needed to be identified on food labels.

The recently approved health claim just identifies peanut allergies as of now and does not claim to curb any other kind of food allergy.


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