Carrie Underwood’s Fall Was Serious,Gets 40-50 Stitches On Face!


Carrie Underwood tripped and fell down, breaking her wrist, an incident which she refers to as a ‘freak accident’.

She revealed that the injury was quite serious as she received more than 40-50 stitches on her face on the night of the incident that changed her life!


She also shared that her appearance might have changed a bit and she would seem different to people once she is back in front of the cameras.

However, she is happy that people are supporting her with positivity and that she wants only good things in the New Year 2018.

The American Idol winning singer took a fall on steps outside her house just days after hosting CMA Awards in 2017.

Her representative confirmed multiple injuries and cuts from the fall.

Currently, she is still under recovery and is healing to get back on screen for her fans.


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