Brad Pitt Gets Outbid To Watch Game Of Thrones With Khaleesi!


At a charity gala, Brad Pitt bid a whopping $120,000 to watch Game of Thrones sitting next to Emilia Clarke, and lost!

Well, not everybody gets a chance to be next to Khaleesi, even if it is Brad Pitt!


Pitt was outbid by another unnamed individual attending the event, who had bid a $160,000 for the win!

Game of Thrones is a popular HBO series with fan base across the entire globe.

Hollywood celebrities are also a part of this huge fandom.

The charity event Sean Penn’s Annual Gala for Haiti took place in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Besides big names like Brad Pitt and Leonardo Di Caprio, the event saw the attendance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Segel, Patricia Arquette, Connie Britton and Lena Dunham.

With or without the Mother of Dragons by his side, Brad would have to wait till 2019 to watch the much awaited season finale!


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