Bizarre Alien Theory Claims They Are Zookeepers Observing Us!


As per an alien theory called “Zoo Theory” by an MIT scientist, aliens are deliberately hiding from us and avoiding contact !

There have been several theories to explain UFO sightings and why aliens won’t talk to us, but this one, in particular, is quite interesting!


The scientist believes that aliens are smarter than us and are observing us from afar, sometimes even getting close to us in curiosity.

He compares aliens to the likeness of ‘zookeepers’ who monitor the animals and don’t interfere with their activities.

He believes that given the time scale, aliens would not represent a metaphorical technologically advanced species as compared to us being the primitive human tribe.

Instead, he feels that we would be more likely animals rather than primitives in front of their higher levels of intellect!

Just like zookeepers observing animals do their thing!

He, however, does not know when would the aliens finally make contact with us, but says they are indeed curious, given the number of UFO sightings.


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