Awkward Fan Moments Faced By Hollywood Celebrities!


Being famous comes along with strings attached! Let us take a look a few awkward fan moments celebs faced.

Celine Dion


In a Las Vegas performance, an intoxicated person went on stage and started humping at Dion! She, however, handled it gracefully.

Taylor Swift

While performing in Canada in 2015, Swift had a scary moment when two fans tried to grab her legs! She got shocked but moved on to continue performing.

Nick Jonas

A fan posted a picture with Nick Jonas mocking his height and faced backlash by his fans and Nick himself. LAter the fan apologized and Nick forgave!


An overenthusiastic fan grabbed Beyonce and pulled her down while she was performing! She was quick to forgive him and met him after the concert.

Ariana Grande

While grabbing food , a man approached Ariana and her boyfriend Mac Miller saying “Arian is sexy as hell man, I can see you, I see you hitting that”. Ariana was taken aback by the objectification of herself.


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