Ashley Judd Feels James Franco’s Accountability Is Terrific!


Ashley Judd feels that the way James Franco handled and responded to sexual allegations leveled against him, were ‘terrific’!

In a recent interview, she says that this is the kind of individual accountability portrayed by Franco, that needs to be there.


She feels that if is this how people accept their deeds which they might have done unconsciously, it would lead to a collective change in society on a large scale.

Franco who won both The Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award, was accused of sexual misconduct by a slew of women on Twitter.

In an interview following the allegations, the actor claimed that the accusations weren’t accurate.

He also agreed to make amends and take responsibility if his actions had hurt anyone.

He also claimed that he was supportive of people voicing their abuse stories.

Judd also feels that it is fantastic that people are now conversing about what is appropriate and what is inappropriate.


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