Another $50 Price Cut For Essential Phone


Like it wasn’t enough! Best Buy is offering another luring offer on the Essential phone.

The big box retailer has now slashed the price for the Essential phone to a further $50 off!


The phone recently went on sale for a discounted price of $499.99 and then we see Best Buy lopping down the price further by $50!

You can now get your hands on the 5.7-inch edge to edge display in LCD, backed by Snapdragon 835 and 1312×2560 resolution at just $449.99!

So if you do not have an Essential Phone currently and you do not have the benefit of friends and family discount, then we would suggest you go for this deal!

For those looking to speculate on the prices to slash further, we’d suggest grabbing the bird in hand instead.

The offer is available exclusively for purchase through Best Buy.


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