$50,000 Fine On Stephen Curry For Tossing Mouthguard in Memphis


Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors star, escaped suspension and was fined a $50,000 for tossing his mouthpiece at a ref after a disputed call.

Apparently as per Curry, he did not intend to hurl the mouthguard at the game official and had merely tossed it ‘in his direction’.


He admitted to getting frustrated and apologized for his over-the-top behaviour in the game.

‘It was a dumb thing to do”

Sooner than later, team mate Andre Iguodala followed suit and landed with a $15,000 fine for  verbal   abuse hurled at a game official.

Curry had earlier been ejected when he hit a fan with his mouthpiece in the NBA Finals in 2016.

This time Curry just landed up with a fine and is free play in the next Dubs game which is against Dallas Mavericks.


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