$2 Fashion Advice From Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham volunteered for fashion advice session for $2 as a guest on Vanity Affair’s Derek Does Stuff With A Friend.

Victoria gave out style tips to Central Park pedestrians through iPad video conferencing.


Some of these tips were quite relatable, let’s take a look:

DIY Maternity Jeans

Cutting up and putting in elastic in the sides can help you to be able to wear the same jeans while you’re pregnant!

Seasonal Culotte

The fashion ista suggested wearing flat shoes if one is sporting culottes in summer, while for winters, long boots underneath were recommended.


The designer approved of men sporting buns and advised a customer to not wear it down instead. No surprises there, since David Beckham had been long sporting the man bun.

Wear Your Whites

She approved of a customer wearing white denims and stated that rules were meant to be broken and you can certainly wear whites after labor day.


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